William Wood was the name of my late grandfather. He served in the British Fire Service for over 25 years winning commendations for his acts of bravery. Sadly he passed away in 2009 from a lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis. 

My grandfather was without doubt a hero and incredible man. On 29th June 1966 my grandfather and 3 fellow firefighters saved 5 small children aged between 5 and 1 from a severe house fire. They were all awarded with a Certificate of Merit for their courage and bravery which was the first Certificate to ever be awarded in the history of the Newcastle & Gateshead Fire Brigade.

Our iconic logo represents the side profile of a 1920's British firefighters helmet in dedication to my grandfather and the years of courage he showed.

We've melted down an original 1920's British brass firefighters helmet and made it into a limited edition commemorative coin. Each coin is placed in the back of our Chivalrous Collection and sealed with a sapphire crystal viewing glass. Every customer who wears our watch has a piece of history visible on their wrist.
We have only made 250 pieces in each colour, each engraved with a limited edition number so that you know you are the owner of something very special.

When I set up the brand I would have been blown away if you had told me some of the magnificent accomplishments we have achieved;

Whether it was attending Baselworld in Switzerland to source our suppliers, raising £28,000 through Crowdfunding, winning the Esquire Self-Made Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, being awarded with free offices for me and my team in central London for 12 months through WeWork, featured in GQ & Esquire, growing our social media to over 25,000 followers or having a presence in 17 countries around the world - the list goes on. But the best part of the journey for me is seeing our watches on the wrists of people who appreciate our story, heritage and values. They know that our watches represents more than just a timepiece, please spread the word about William Wood and one day we aspire to be the go to British luxury brand that uses recycled firefighting material in a sustainable, cool and chivalrous way.  

Last year we donated to The Fire Fighters Charity UK (1093387). Whether injured, ill or in need of psychological support the charity exists to support the everyday heroes of the UK fire community.

Thank You,

Jonny Garrett

Founder & Grandson - William Wood