Fratello Watches Review

Brands emerge from all kinds of places. A dream, an opportunity, or a legend that deserves to be known, are all possibilities. Roll those three together and you have the story of the William Wood Valiant, created to honor the life and work of a storied firefighter.

William “Willie” Wood served in the British fire service for more than a quarter of a century. By the end of his career, he had amassed a list of merits and plaudits of which anyone could be proud. His grandson, Jonny Garrett, the founder of William Wood Watches, is one such person. Driven by a desire to commemorate his late grandfather’s achievements, Garrett started a company that has since racked up a few impressive accolades of its own. The Valient collection brings a sportier, more rugged series to a catalog that previously included the dressier Chivalrous line as its only option.

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