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William Wood Watches have partnered with the talented Saltire Motorcycles in Scotland to create the world's first William Wood Watches motorcycle. Incorporating the workings of our watches and adorned with multiple elements of upcycled firefighting materials, this one-off motorcycle is like nothing you have seen before, and it will be made available in our Always Ready Prize Draw where one lucky person will be able to ride off with this incredible bike. The winner will also receive a complimentary William Wood Bronze Ruby Watch which can also be clipped into the bike.

You can enter this prize draw for just £100 per ticket, and there are only 300 tickets available, so you have a 1 in 300 chance of winning this incredible bike.

All profits raised from the sale of our Always Ready Motorbike will be donated to The Fire Fighters Charity in the UK supporting firefighters and their families.

Are you thinking ‘’I would love to enter, but I don't know how to ride a bike’’ Don't worry, Saltire Motorcycles have the answer.

The winning ticket holder can also claim free riding lessons, theory, and practical instruction all onsite at their Edinburgh facility.

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Saltire Motorcycles

When we first spoke to Saltire Motorcycles based in Edinburgh, we instantly knew this was a match made in heaven. 

We recognised an eye for detail engrained within deeply proud principles of quality and functionality amidst everyday activity and contribution to family and community.

Upon these collective values, our collaboration was forged.

The final piece of synchronicity fell into place when we discovered that the first ever municipal fire brigade in Britain was established in Edinburgh in 1824 by James Braidwood, who then went on to establish the London Fire Engine Establishment in 1833.

Saltire Motorcycles are renowned for their ability to address the needs of every motorcyclist, from aspiring learners, through seasoned riders, to those who wish to express their unique style by means of customising their motorcycles.

Saltire Motorcycles have an in-store customisation division, ‘’Alba Customs’’ and this creative collective have decades of experience building beautiful custom motorcycles for riders & collectors around the globe.

Saltire Motorcycles founder Calum Murray has built up a phenomenal business and we are proud to have partnered together to create the world's first William Wood Watches / Saltire Motorcycles charity custom build.

You can visit the Saltire website here

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Indian Scout Motorcycle

A name that goes back a century. An experience that lives up to the legacy. The Indian Scout is where heritage-inspired design meets modern performance.

The liquid-cooled, 1133cc, 94-horsepower V-twin delivers punchy acceleration and the power to pass anyone, anywhere. 

Electronic fuel injection delivers class-leading horsepower and acceleration, while a responsive 6-speed transmission allows for sporty riding or simple cruising.

As with our watches, the Indian Scout blends timeless style with modern design to deliver an outstanding experience for any owner, and the Saltire team were very excited to use it as the base model for the build.

We can’t find the words to express our amazement at the outstanding job Saltire Motorcycles have done in turning our combined vision into a masterpiece.

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If there is one thing that William Wood Watches is famous for, it is the incorporation of upcycled firefighting materials into our offerings, and our values have remained consistent when working with Saltire on this incredible Always Ready Motorbike.

Repurposed wood, taken from the ladders of an original Leyland Fire Engine, has been turned and finished bringing next level warmth and class to this build.

The handlebars are complimented with a wooden cross bar that has been crafted from the Leyland’s ladder, offering a perfect mount for the owners complimentary William Wood Bronze Ruby Watch whilst riding.

The hand grips are made from genuine upcycled British red fire hose, you can still smell the rich smokiness in the rubber like our iconic watch straps, and the handlebar ends are once again finished in bespoke wood.

The seat is finely crafted hand stitched leather saddlery incorporating fire hose, the William Wood Watches brand logo, and a diamond for each of the children saved by William Wood and his colleagues.

What a head turner this beauty is.

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Whilst Saltire displayed their endless creativity in the use of upcycled firefighting materials, they took things to a whole new level by incorporating elements of William Wood watches into the build.

Inset into the custom-made wooden handlebar ends are our iconic William Wood Watches brass coins from the back of our Chivalrous Collection range. Each coin is made from an original 1920's British brass firefighters helmet.

Located proudly at the centre of the stunning V-Twin engine you will see the functional inner workings of our Limited Edition Triumph Collection watch case back, displaying the words 'IN CASE OF FIRE BREAK GLASS'

For those with an extra fussy eye for detail, you can find a William Wood Watch crown inset into the valve caps of both wheels.

The bike is finished in a deep gloss metallic fire engine red, with hand finished 24 carat gold leaf and black pin striping, inspired by early era fire engines.

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We will be releasing just 300 tickets priced at £100 each for our Always Ready Prize Draw. With just 1 ticket you have a 1 in 300 chance of winning this incredible machine. You can purchase up to a maximum of 10 tickets per person and ticket sales will open on Wednesday 20th April 2022. Two weeks later, at the Saltire Motorcycles facility, we will celebrate International Firefighter’s Day 2022 (Wednesday 4th May 2022) The winning number will be selected using a random number generator and the winning ticket holder will be announced by the Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Scotland. The announcement will be broadcast over William Wood Watches and Saltire Motorcycles Instagram Live.

Here are the important dates for you to remember again:

Always Ready Prize Draw Opens - Wednesday 20th April 2022

Purchase your Always Ready Prize Draw Tickets – From Wednesday 20th April 2022 – Midnight 3rd May

Wednesday 4th May 2022. *All tickets sold on a first come, first serve basis, maximum of 10 tickets can be purchased per person.

Always Ready Prize Draw Winner announced - Wednesday 4th May 2022 (International Firefighter’s Day 2022)

Showcase of Always Ready handover and/or arranging lessons with Saltire – Wednesday 4th May 2022 onward


To enter simply follow any of the links on this page saying Buy Ticket Now. 

You will then be asked a quiz question which you must answer before being able to purchase tickets to the Prize Draw. 

Once the question is answered you can then add up to 10 tickets to your basket and complete your purchase. You will receive an order confirmation by email once your payment has been processed. 

If you have answered the quiz question correctly your tickets will be entered into the Prize Draw.

We would love the opportunity to showcase the handover of Always Ready to the new owner, which can be done at the winners preferred location as the motorbike/motorcycle can be delivered anywhere in the UK free of charge. 

International buyers are welcome to enter the fundraiser, however in the event of an international winner, overseas shipping is not included in the prize and will have to be paid by the individual separately

Good luck to all entrants!

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‘’We bring this collaborative charity project to you in a desire to express our deepest respect and gratitude to firefighters across the globe, past, present and future’’

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"When Saltire Motorcycles approached us to collaborate on this beautiful bike, I was instantly excited. Not just because I am a bike fan, but because I could see the shared passion and stories between our two brands. Firefighters and Bikers are two communities held together by what they love, and I am proud to have witnessed both of these groups come together to create a breath-taking motorcycle and experience.

I will personally be up in Edinburgh in May to congratulate the winner and to invite them to join us at the presentation of the charity cheque to The Fire Fighters Charity.

I believe a celebratory drink may be on the cards from a local distillery.

Good luck and thank you as ever for your incredible support. The Fire Fighters Charity are extremely grateful for your support and we are too."

Founder & CEO

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