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A men’s watch made from the finest quality materials should serve both to express your unique sense of style and celebrate a rich history that spans centuries. William Wood Watches’ exclusive range of white watches have been designed to pay homage to the valour of the brave firefighters in the British Fire Service and our founder’s own grandfather, William Wood. William Wood served in the service for over 25 years, and won numerous commendations for his acts of selflessness and bravery during the course of his career.

Now, you can wear a piece of this incredible legacy with pride by investing in one of William Wood Watches' heritage white timepieces. Each watch in our collection is crafted from authentic, upcycled firefighting materials that honour the heroes in fire services around the world.

Our white watches are made from genuine 1920s firefighter helmets, real fire hoses, and other materials that offer exceptional quality and longevity while telling a story at the same time. We also prioritise giving back to local communities, and will donate generously to international firefighting charities with each timepiece sold. Explore our collection of white watches today and choose a heritage watch that offers a unique historical inspiration and timeless, sophisticated style.

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The White Watch

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