Meet the founder

My name is Jonny Garrett and I am the founder and grandson of William Wood. I live and work in the great city of London which has been the perfect incubator to launch and grow William Wood Watches.

I set up William Wood Watches to carry on my grandfathers chivalrous legacy and promote his courageous, cool and courteous ways which has proven to be timeless values and much needed in the modern day world.

I have always had a burning desire to run my own business and believe William Wood Watches has a unique distinction in a saturated market.

Fitness and self development is a huge passion of mine. I run 9km into work 3 times per week with my route taking me past a beautiful old Fire Station in Borough which has sadly been closed. Every time I run past the Station it is a small reminder to me of my grandfather which keeps me pushing on everyday.

It is really inspiring to have a brand that is dedicated to someone dear to you and gives you that added passion and drive, which is required as a brand owner, to drive forward. I've always been passionate about luxury brands and their ability to be known around the world simply by a logo or slogan.

I am sure if my grandfather was alive now he would be very proud of what has been achieved and excited to see what the future holds.

The plan is to build out our retailers around the world and work with highly targeted celebrities and influencers to grow our brand awareness. We also look to release our next automatic collection in the near future. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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